Inauguration of the organ

Trinity Sunday, 22 May 2005

It was a close call, but the organ was ready when the inauguration was planned, at least the ‘wondrous machine’ inside was ready at 13h57 on Saturday 21st. The organ case was completed and fully ornamented during the next months. At the beginning of the service the organ was silent. When the first hymn was announced, the organ raised its voice and the sound was heard for the very first time. It accompanied the congregational singing and it had a basso continuo and soloist part in the cantata composed by Willem Ceuleers on the poetical text of the Dutch poet Jaap Zijlstra.



Private recording of the performance of the cantata ‘Een woord kan een geheim bewaren’ (text Jaap Zijlstra, music Willem Ceuleers), during the service in ‘Christchurch’ on Trinity Sunday 22/05/2005.

Daniëlle Van de Vloet (soprano)
Agnes de Graaff (alt)
Hans Van den Broeck (tenor)
Willem Ceuleers (bass)

Veronica Joris (recorder) – in part II : Sixth flute (built by Baldrick Deerenberg)
An Van Laethem (violin)
Joost Pollet (oboe)
Piet Van Steenbergen (cello)
Jetty Janssen (organ)