Every five years (lustrum) we organize a special celebration, a concert and/or a recording.

2010 – first lustrum.

Willem Ceuleers recorded a CD, playing his own compositions, made specifically for this organ, among which some tracks from the Klavierübung für die Patin (from 2005). Here’s one. More about this CD, here

Vater unser im Himmelreich, opus 611 (2005) Registratie: Roerfluit

2015 – second lustrum

Willem Ceuleers composed 24 inventions. They were performed on organ, harpsichord and piano. Here the first and the second invention on the organ.

2020 – third lustrum

The corona-crisis caused the canceling of all festivities. Instead we recorded two pieces of music on the organ. Bach’s Komm, Gott Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist (BWV 667) and a ‘choral prelude on Psalm 33’ (Geneva melody) by Willem Ceuleers.

Gedekt 8, Prestant 4, Nasard, Oktaaf 2, Terts, Quint 1 1/3, Subbas
Quintadeen 8, fluit 4, terts discant, oktaaf 2 discant.
Johann. Pachelbel: Was Gott tut das ist wohlgetan (9 variaties)